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1199 PCV Power Commander 5 & Tuned OEM ECU W/ SSTK WSS Tune O2/Smog Block Offs/Plugs

Hello and thank you for viewing!

$600 shipped to your door for the kit.
FOr sale is the photographed PC5 AND Tuned ECU.

Removed off a 2012 1199 BASE ABS MODEL. Previous owner had the bike setup to be fully WERA Race ready. I am told the ECU Tune on this bike is the "WSS" World Superstock Tune.

Also included is a set of Smog block off plates, and oxygen sensor plugs for the stock or akrapovic exhaust.

I do not know much about tuning or anything but here is what I do know about the tune on this ECU:
1. It bypasses the Oxygen sensors (deletes them).
2. Bypasses kickstand (deletes it).
3. Raises (or removes, i'm not sure) the redline.
4. IT WAS INSTALLED WITH SMOG BLOCK OFF PLATES INSTALLED ON THE ENGINE. You would need to remove them as well, and be running a catalytic converter-less exhaust system.

The tuning I'm sure does affect other parameters of this bike but I dont know... You'd have to talk to Redline who did the tune.

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