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1199 Shutdown

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While riding my bike (2012 1199 Panigale) the other day I shifted from 1st to 2nd and the engine shut down. A look at the dash revealed little (it looked like I just turned the key to the "on" position before a normal start). I shifted back down to 1st gear, let the clutch back out and the engine fired up again... I continued on my way. Today the same thing happened again but when I shifted back to 1st gear and let the clutch out in an attempt to restart the motor I had no luck. I coasted to a stop, put the bike in neutral and tried to start the bike normally. It fired for a moment and stopped. I tried a second time and again it fired for a moment and stopped. I tried a third time and nothing. I cycled the kill switch a couple of times and tried to start the bike for the fourth time. This time it turned over. I went where I had to go and returned without any further problems. I hate intermittent problems and at this point I don't have much to work with... but has anyone experienced any problem similar to this one? Any ideas where to start looking? I'd like to locate the problem at home rather than twenty miles away from home.
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Maybe a faulty kick stand sensor???
Could it be the charcoal canister? I never heard of it shutting off while riding, but it can cause starting problems.
Maybe a faulty kick stand sensor???
Thinking the same thing, possibly even the gear sensor switch acting up.

Do you get a check engine light by any chance?
Thanks... that's what I'm looking for... a couple of thoughts on what might be causing the shutdown. An outright failure of a device is often much easier to troubleshoot and repair than one which is intermittent in nature. I considered the side stand sensor also and examined and exercised the same several times last night. I'm unfamiliar with the construction of the sensor... does it utilize a tilt/snake switch? Is it a magnetically actuated device? I don't know. In any case I imagine worn or dirty contacts could certainly compromise the sensor's ability to function correctly. Dirty/poor connections where the sensor attaches to the wiring harness could also signal a failure. I live in Cambodia and although I keep my bike clean the environment here is fairly dusty. Even though my bike started after exercising the kill switch a couple of times I don't want to rip into that yet. It's possible that the fault could be there but I'm not convinced yet. It may only be a coincidence that the bike restarted after cycling the switch. The bike has just under 9000 miles on it and is due in for service late next week. I'll be present when the bike is serviced and would like to examine all possible points of failure while the bike is apart.
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It's true that on both occasions when the engine shutdown I was upshifting from 1st to 2nd but would a faulty gear position sensor initiate a shutdown of the motor? I don't know... anything might be possible and I haven't examined closely enough the electrical schematic to determine if that would be a plausible cause of the problem. However, to answer your question, there was no "check engine" indication when the bike shutdown.
The charcoal canister as a possible cause of the engine shutdown... I don't know but I have to consider all possibilities until I can determine the most likely cause of the failure. Thanks
I bought my Pani S in 2012 and have have a couple of unexplained shut downs. Early on the dealer was advised to change the plugs. The bike shut down on me in third gear. When they replaced the plugs they were caked up with carbon deposites. A bike with less than 500 miles if i can remember accurately. This was in 2013. Now this summer the bike shut down when i went to move it from one spot to the next after i rode to work. What the dealer determined was that one cylinder was producing more power than the other. They did something with the ecu and problem seems solved.
I never experienced this problem again since my original post. But with regards to the spark plugs being the possible culprit I can say that my plugs were changed just two months before this incident. The plugs that were removed read normal... no indications of any irregularities. I'm confident that plugs were not the cause of my failure.

I have this same thing happen to me. I first noticed it at about 2500 miles. Every now and then I will have it when I down shift. I thought at first it was just me being dumb and stalling the bike. But it has intermittently been consistent with down shifting. It has happened a few times from 1st to 2nd gear as you described. I have not really bothered to find out why it does it since im usually coming to a stop light or sign and it starts right back up.
I've never been able to positively identify the cause of this problem. In fact, since my original post regarding the same, I haven't had any additional problems. Intermittent problems are most often the hardest to troubleshoot. If you should positively identify the cause of your problem please post... always good to know.

I'm fairly busy at the moment but one day I would like to do a post and ask other forum members to list failures they've experienced and include items such as the symptoms, corrective measures taken, etc. so I can create a troubleshooting guide from which all members might benefit. More often than not, forum members will share their problems but seldom take the time to share their solutions.
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