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1199R Brembo Front Brake Discs

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1199R Brembo Front Brake Discs AND Brake Pads

1199R Brembo Front Brake Discs and Brake Pads

Used for the first miles of the bike, then swapped out. Perfect.

Part numbers from Ducati:
-Front Disc (Right Hand): 49240901A ($457.14 from Ducati)
-Front Brake Disc (Left Hand): 49240891A ($457.14 from Ducati)
-Front Brake Pads: 61340961A ($144.45 from Ducati)
-Rear Brake Pads:61340381A ($44.21 from Ducati)

Great mid-track season replacement of your brakes, at half the cost from Ducati. Please check with the dealership to ensure these will work on your bike. These may fit something other than Panigales (i.e. 1098/999/etc)?

For Brake Discs only: $500 plus shipping.
For Brake Pads only: $100 plus shipping.
All together now: $550 plus shipping.

If you are interested, or even kicking the idea around, please do not hesitate to PM me!


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do you know it fit 1198?
They may fit


They may fit. I referenced Commonwealth Motorcycle's MicroFiche, and when you put in the part #, it does say "FRONT BRAKE DISC 1098S/07."
They look very similar to my 1098R brakes that I had.

Here is the link for comparison:

If you have a second, I think a Ducati Dealership's parts guy could resolve it pretty quickly.

I can call mine as well.

The pads may not work on those calipers since the Panigale sports the M50 monobloc caliper. I would check that as well if you were interested in the pads.
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Same as a 1098 just not same as 1098r or anything with dtc buttons

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