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I currently have the following for sale:
2 x stock 1199S exhaust $125 each + shipping (sent as gift/3.3% PPfees)
1 x stock 1199S headers $49 + shipping (sent as gift/3.3% PPfees)

For these exhaust I am also offering coring & welding service. The exhaust panel will be cut open with a plasma cutter. In comparison, the cuts will be much cleaner and the heat will more localized (reducing the possibility of the exhaust warping under heat). At the same time, the cleaner cuts will provide a better mating surface when the panel is mig-welded back together. I will provide a step-by-step diary and photos to complement the service that will be emailed as a pdf to you prior to mailing the exhaust back to you as well.

SERVICE 1: Coring
You can choose what you would like removed from the stock exhaust. This includes the 1) catalytic converter 2)db killer 3) All other accessory pipings (Complete removal of the entire core). Just let me know exactly what you want removed. I will provide step by step photos of the cutting, coring, and welding process along with the service. This service will cost $249

SERVICE 2: Powdered Ceramic Coating
Ceramic coating is also available if interested. Please let me know if you would like the exhaust ceramic coated using the powder process. The heat retention offered by this method will be higher than aerosol spray ceramic coating but with a higher cost.

SERVICE 3: Aerosol Spray Ceramic Coating
As offered by another member on this forum, I can also use the aerosol method to ceramic coat the exhaust to your liking. Sandblasting for better adherence will be complementary for this service (we have a sandblaster in-house to do this). This service will cost 69$.

Please PM me if you have any inquiries. Thanks!
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