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Hey guys -

I've got a 14T sprocket on my 2010 848, but I want more. I live in Brooklyn and I spend way too much time riding the clutch in traffic. Plus I want a little more perk and I've already done a full Termi with a MicroTec and Pipercross, so I'm not sure what else to do.

I've gone on gearing commander and I'm pretty sure I can live with the sacrifices it puts up at 14/43 or 14/42. Anyone else running these? Any problem with the chain rubbing on the swingarm? Based on the gearing commander numbers, it looks like I'd be best off adding 3 links for a 101 link chain with the 14/42 or 14/43 setup. Anyone know if it will fit within the adjustment?

I'm planning to get a quick-change setup on the rear, so I can tweak it a little if necessary. And I'll replace the 14T in the front since there's no reason not to while I'm doing the rest.

Any thoughts?
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