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I'm looking for advice on 1960's 100cc Ducati two stroke engines. I'm thinking I may need some piston/cylinder work. There's a couple of symptoms that lead me to believe the top end may need a freshening up. It's a 1964 Ducati Cadet 100. Mileage is unknown. The bike looks great, but has very low power. The engine smokes a huge amount when cold, but improves to a manageable amount when warmed up. The engine has a lot of clanking noises when idling.
I did a compression test tonight and it was 110psi.
I'm sure there could be many reasons for the clanking noises like other bearings, but my first inclination is the piston, rings, and/or cylinder are worn.

Any thoughts about the 110 psi compression? Is that fairly normal or on the marginal end?
Any advice?

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