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1975 soprt

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Hey Guys I trying to determine the value of a 1975 Sport. Two owner original paint and NOS gas tank in 90% condition. I have been out of the market for to long to figure this out. I sold my 74 years ago for 6K.
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Got a picture to help us out? Originality is a factor, as is location of course, as is whether you're buying or selling...never heard of a '75 Sport to be honest I thought the last year they made these motors was '74! You might wanna join a Facebook group relating to 'Ducati Bevel' or 'Ducati Bevel Owners' or such because that's where much of the discussions happen these days. On this forum, not so much.
Hi there
If you can send me one or two good hi-res shots so I can look closely, I'll be able to give you a pretty good idea of what it's worth (I have 3 Sports). BTW it must be built in '74 but registered in '75 as they had finished by late '74.
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