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Yamaha YSR50 Marlboro Edition. Restored in Marlboro livery.
1. The motor originally (50cc) is fitted with a Wiseco 60cc kit, with a new carburettor.
2. Brand new fuel tank (never had fuel in), with a vortex cap.
3. New Dunlop tires, new chain and sprockets, new shark skin body work, and a new battery (with no acid installed, yet).
As you know, this bike is VERY collectable and hard to come by, in this condition. Great to display or to ride! There is currently no DMV title. A bill of sale will be issued. However all DOT signalling functions and therefore the purchaser can obtain a title if they wish from the DMV.
Look at photos for more details.


CALL 732-822-1341 (Do not text) $1800

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