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Hi All,

I picked up a 750ss cheap a little while ago, when I got it running I discovered a problem: a loud whine.

Sounds like a bearing whine, but I don't know for sure.
It varies directly with rpm, louder and higher pitched at higher revs, and is present clutch in and out, in gear and neutral.

Even with an improvised mechanics stethoscope it is difficult to locate. I initially thought top end (maybe rocker bearings?), but it could be anywhere. If it's bottom end I figured it'll be main bearings, or some other nasty problem.

I'm fairly sure it isn't the roller bearings for the cam belts, which I've read can be a cause of such a noise, other than that I've got no leads.

Any help identifying it, or previous experience with similar problems on similar bikes, would be much appreciated.

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