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2000 996/999 Project For Sale In DC

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I am selling what is essentially a homologation of Ducati parts made into a bike. I recently purchased this bike with the best of intentions of fixing it up by February and taking it down to Jennings GP to do a track weekend with my friends, what wasn't in my best interest was not telling my wife for 1, and 2, purchasing another 996 last night......... So, here I am with a pissed off wife, 4 too many ducatis, and no garage space. Here is what I do know about the bike, it is a 2000 996 frame (painted black) that has a 2005 999 motor in it with 2004 998fe fuel injection, throttle bodies, ecu and wiring harness. The bike has some tasteful add ons as well such as Sebimoto carbon fiber tail section, air box cover, front fender, undertail cover, lowers and belly pan mated to a factory red upper fairing and is in very useable shape with no damage. The tank is clean inside and has superficial scratches on it, but no dents. It has a full Arrow exhaust system that is in good shape, Carrozzaria forged aluminum wheels in good shape, the rear shock appears to be stock to the original bike, but the front forks are from a 998. THIS IS A PROJECT BIKE, it does start and run, but needs some buttoning up before it hits the track or street. Here is what needs to be done to ride, new battery, brakes need to be bled, coolant needs to be flushed, has fresh oil and filter, new chain, front cylinder cam cover (the one on it is cracked), fork seals, new belts as the age of the ones in it are unknown, and a good cleaning. This is not a project for the faint of heart, its for someone who knows these machines and how to work on them. There are a lot of nice parts bundled together, just needs the right person to take it to the finish line. I know what I have in this bike, and its what I am asking, I am willing to accept reasonable cash offers face to face and in front of the bike. Any questions, I encourage you to call or text and I will answer to the best of my ability. I would like to get rid of this sooner than later to reduce the amount of grief I get from the misses. Low ball offers will be ignored, and I consider any offer that starts with a 2 to be low ball, so please save yours and my time by offering anything below 3000. The rear stand is included. Best way to contact me is at 703-994-0074


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Also willing to part out if there is a demand for the larger items such as frame, motor, wheels suspension etc...
Where are you located
His location indicates Arlington, VA...so there might be a great chance he is located there... :D
Juan1, I am in Arlington Va right outside Washington D.C. LOL @ ASM
Bump. The bike has been banned from the garage and banished to the backyard shed. $2750 through the weekend, my birthday is Friday and no better present would be than for someone to come get this thing and do good things with it. I have a few small things that will go with it like a full factory exhaust, misc. nuts and bolts, 999 airboxes to cut up, and the rear stand will go with it.


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What part of NJ? I will be in Red Bank next weekend visiting my grandmother.
I am about an hour north of red bank. I am in CNJ, to the western side... border of Hunterdon/Morris
Well, that's as close as I can get it for you if you want it?
Parting out, can a mod delete this thread please?
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