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Runs great! Daily rider. Awesome for adventures. All maintenance up to date. Even lapped the valves just 2,000 miles ago. Really, I love this bike... But we are moving. So it's gotta stay here.

104,000km. Kilometers you say? Yes, she is the precursor to all of these modern European adventure bikes that everyone loves now. As a mechanic, I have to say, she was way ahead of her time. Whenever, I am working on her I discover something new that makes lots of sense.

19" wheels. Great suspension travel. Soaks up the bumps. Super comfortable. Handles well in the dirt. This thing ain't a dirtbike, but she's not afraid of fire roads. I have crashed twice in the dirt, both times at less than 10mph. You'll notice the right pannier is slightly bent in. The luggage frame did its job by protecting me and the bike, while still being fully usable afterwards.

Luggage! Luggage! Luggage! Do you need to bring your tools home, get $80 worth of groceries, pick up a sack of concrete, and keep a change of spare clothes available for school that night? Well good, because I have done exactly that without a second thought!

Seat was custom upholstered for long road trips for me and my gal. Full Termignoni exhaust with carbon fiber cans. New chain and sprocket set. Tires have less than 2,000 miles on them. Heated handlebar grips. X-shield attachment for great wind protection.

So, what's wrong with her? The usual stuff with an 18 year-old motorcycle. There are scratches and marks. The tail light lens cover is missing a couple of long, difficult to find screws, but held very securely with zip ties. The fuel pump hose was replaced with a brass fitting since the original rubber one is no longer made. The turn signal lights in back are flush mounted because the previous owner had crappy aftermarket ones that were falling off.

With all of that said, I ride her every day without any problems. I do the maintenance per the maintenance manual's schedule, and in exchange she runs without a hiccup every day. I also have an electronic version of the maintenance manual for you.

Clean title. Clean bike.

If you want to test ride, ride your bike here and bring a cashier's check for $2,200. I will ride my other bike behind you. If you wreck the Cagiva you keep it and I keep the check. The tires are 60/40 on-road/off-road. So, don't try to drag knee or anything. This is a commuter/long trip bike.


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