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2002 748 I’m having fuel line issues “pump”

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Bought 2002 Ducati 748 no battery after purchasing battery for it I installed battery and went to start bike it turned over but didn’t start so my friend said it was either a fuel issue or a spark issue . So I sprayed starter fluid down the air intake . And then it fired up.so with my thinking it wasn’t getting fuel also I noticed there wasn’t a pump noise when I turned key.
Went to start it. So I ordered a new pump new fuel lines gasket both fuel filters put it all back together from a picture on eBay of same pump. And went to start it and it started but soon after a hose popped off and started squirting inside tank.so took the tank out looked at the assembly from picture off the net and tightened it up and now it seems like maybe I have one of the two hoses that connect to top of tank switched would that be a problem for my fuel pump?? Would it give symptoms like it’s barely getting fuel??
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts