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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone here might be able to help me figure out what is wrong with my 2002 Ducati 750 Supersport. I will try to provide all the information I can to the best of my knowledge.This is what happened the day it stopped working:

The bike was not used since a week ago. I got home from work, I decided to go to the gym. I hopped on, it started up perfectly fine, and rode it to the gym that is 5 minutes away. Less than 1 mile. I parked it, and went into the gym for 2 hours. I came out and hopped on, went to start it up and nothing. The bike turns on with the key, dash fully lit up, kickstand is up, also engine kill switch is in the correct position.

I thought it was the battery. I had some help trying to jump the bike, but it would not start. I also tried push starting/pop starting the bike about 6 times with no luck. I even took the battery out of the bike last night and had it fully charge through the night, put it in the bike today, and it still does not work.

All the fuses are still good in the bike and a volt meter is showing clear 12 volts to everything. The only problem I know is not happening, which is probably the main factor in the bike not running, is that when I turn everything on, on the bike, kickstand up, killswitch off, and key on, the fuel injector does not cycle. It usually does, of course, before I start the bike every time, you can hear the noise of the FI for 2 seconds. I could hear it cycle on before I went to the gym that day. However, when I went to leave the gym, it did not happen at all.

We tried jumping the kickstand killswitch just in case that might be defective and keeping the FI from cycling, but it still did not cycle. A guy passing by at the gym saw my problem and said he had known a few things about my bike and that it could be a relay, however I do not really know anything too technical about my bike and do not own a user manual as I bought the bike used.

Anyone think they know what might be happening?
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