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Just goes to show, its always worth doing belts on a Ducati when you first buy it, no matter its history!
Preventative maintenance always pays off.
Sounds like you just caught it, well done.
Thanks for posting the outcome too!
Sorry for bringing back the dead... But i just purchased a 2004 Ms4r with 7500 original miles. Its been due for a belt change and valve adjustment 5 times over. And current owner bought from an auction (with no knowledge of maint hist). It probably sat before he got it, and it sat for 8 months after... Im going to pull the covers tomorrow (however it idles and runs excellent), just to inspect them. Do you guys have any insight on purchasing the crankshaft "special" tool? I have tons of allen and torx sockets for the job (vw enthusiast), but want to know what i may need special tool wise, and where to get them.
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