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2005 Ducati 749D - $3,400

$3,400 for my 2005 749D - edited on 11-03-2014

I don't need to tell you guys about this bike. You've probably replied or seen my posts on the top-end rebuild I've done.

Unfortunately, I don't have anymore time to work on this bike as my priorities have changed.

I will add this...

The compression is fine. The entire bike and the motor is fine.
I screwed up by not retorquing the head nuts after a few 100 miles and blew the head gaskets which caused the bike to overheat. Once it overheated, I didn't ride it again. I asked around the shops here in Santa Cruz and even you guys. It's not the radiator, not the fans, not the thermostat, etc.

I'm selling it really low even though the price of head gaskets are < $200 because I just don't have time anymore.

I have a family member that I need to look after that requires all my attention.

looking for a good home. please take care of her.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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