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The time has come to part ways with my 2005 Ducati 999R. I purchased this bike from the original owner, who happened to be a man in his 60s. He lived in California and purchased the bike brand new in 2005 at a dealer down there. When I purchased it he gave me both black keys, the red key, the key code card, etc. That being said, it's got everything you would have received with the bike brand new! Additionally, being that he was an older guy he mentioned to me that the bike had never on any occasion been track raced. He bought it simply for the purpose of enjoying back road riding.

The bike has 18,XXX babied miles. That might seem high to some of the Ducati snobs out there, so please do not bother reading any further if you're one of those clowns who think that mileage means everything. I'll finish that by saying that one day we're all going to die, and one day the world will end. That being said, what the hell is the point in owning an AMAZING machine like this and parking it in your living room for your upper class friends to gawk over? A bike like this was meant to be ridden, not parked.

The good thing however is that the bike has always been maintained and serviced by the Ducati dealer. When I bought it from the original owner (with 18,XXX miles on it) it had just had the valves and belts done, as well as new oil, new sprockets and chain and several other small things. All of these services were done at Moto Forza (a Ducati dealer in California where this bike was also purchased brand new in 2005) and the records are on file there should anyone need to verify them as well.

For having 18k miles you would never know it. That's probably because the bike was never ridden with the stock fairings. Anyone who knows anything about these bikes knows that the factory carbon fiber fairings are a thing of true beauty. The fairings alone would cost about 14k if you purchased them brand new from the dealer. Fortunately for me the original owner had a spare set of bodywork that he rode the bike with since he purchased it. Because of that, I have all of the stock carbon fiber fairings sitting under blankets in my office. I shit you not when I say they are FLAWLESS!!! Not a single scratch, rock chip, swirl mark, or anything! The fairings are pristine in every way imaginable, and when you see how clean they are you'll clearly be able to tell that they have never even been ridden with. Very, very cool if you ask me!

It's also worth mentioning that I am one of the most anal and OCD people you'll ever meet when it comes to my cars and bikes. I notice ANYTHING, even if it's just a tiny scratch or rock chip. I'm the guy who sits there and details my engine (which I have done on this bike) with a toothbrush and simple green. I'll literally sit there in the garage cleaning every little crevice with a tooth brush... YES, I am 'that' guy! I'm putting this out there because I want people to know that I'm not just any owner. I'm one of those owners who can't even stand the thought of a tiny little rock chip on the bike. Bottom line: I take care of the toys that I own, and this bike above any other is certainly no exception.

The bike runs like a champ, it starts up every single time, doesn't leak ANY fluids and is ALWAYS garaged (I have never once left it outside exposed to the elements). The bike has ZERO issues whatsoever!

According to Ducati they officially made 391 999R bikes for the 2005 year. That being said, I'm not sure if that makes this a 'rare' bike or not, but I suspect one day it will be very rare. On top of that, how many 999R bikes have you seen riding around town? I've never seen one in my entire life! It's also very well accepted that the 05-06 999R bikes are the best of all the years. The 03-04 bikes are nice, but they don't have all the goodies that the 05-06 bikes have.

The following modifications have been done to the bike:

- 57mm Termignoni 'Banana' Full System Exhaust
- Ducati Performance ECU (the matching one for the exhaust)
- Sargent Seat
- Samco Silicone Coolant Hoses (red)
- Speedymoto 10-spoke clutch cover
- EVR CTS 48T Slipper Clutch (hands down the best slipper clutch available)
- Fender Eliminator
- Sato Racing Rearsets
- Ohlins DU301 Shock (this is NOT the stock Ohlins shock, it is an aftermarket Ohlins upgrade that is far better than the stock Ohlins shock with more adjustability)
- Brand new gold chain and sprockets
- Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger
- Shorai Lithium Ion Battery
- Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa Tires (80% tread left)

As you can see, all of the modifications are very tasteful, and very pricey!

The bike also has custom Oregon vanity plates that read 'DESMO' on them. These cost me an additional $100 through DMV. The tags are also good for another 2 years.

Another cool bragging right about this particular bike is that I sourced an original carbon fiber tail from a 2004-2005 model 999R! Those of you who do not know, the 03-04 999R were the only years that came with a fully carbon fiber tail fairing as well. For some reason (no one seems to know why) on the 05-06 999R bikes Ducati switched to a standard plastic tail fairing (like the base model and S bikes) most likely to save costs. Well, I managed to find a pristine original carbon fiber tail fairing from a 03 999R with 300 miles on it!

Anyways, I'm asking $14,000 for the bike. I am in no hurry whatsoever to sell the bike, nor do I need the money. That being said, I'm not desperate for money and I'm not going to even respond to lowball offers. I have a CLEAN Oregon title which is in my name and ready to sign over. Absolutely, positively, no test rides without cash in hand. I think that goes without saying though.

You can value the bike at whatever price you'd like, but the truth is that I've seen these bikes go anywhere from 11k to 18k depending on a variety of factors. Mine has higher miles, but I'm not trying to sell it to some Ducati collector snob. I want this bike to go to someone who will care for it like I have, but also someone who isn't afraid to ride it from time-to-time. After all, what fun is owning a bike like this if it can't be ridden?

This bike needs NOTHING! It's had all of it's major services less than 500 miles ago, it has a brand new chain, sprockets, tires, etc. This bike has been pampered and babied it's entire life and I'd love for it to go to someone who will continue to care for it. At some point in time I feel that these 999R bikes will be worth something in addition to being a very unique and 'ahead of their time' design.

If you are interested please call or text me at 503.701.5752.

Lastly, I'm happy to ship the bike as long as the buyer pays for and arranges shipping. I've shipped many bikes before (including this one) with great success!

Also, I have a spare set of brand new (new old stock) 999R side fairings and a 03-04 carbon fiber tail fairing. Both of them are new, and I paid well over 2k for all of it. It's never been on a bike before and if someone wants it I'll be happy to make a deal to whoever buys the bike for a spare set of 999R bodywork!


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