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A bike with 4000kms on it will only have needed one service. I have not checked with Ducati to see is this was done. That being said I would flush the coolant/brake fluid and do the timing belts.

Yes I paid 8100 plus taxes (9100). Then I spent another 500 on body work (missing pieces) and another 600 on getting keys and code. So all in I'm into the bike for about 10200 plus my time.

All black plastic has been replaced with carbon fibre. HID headlight conversion.

Not looking to get bashed here. I have a bike for sale and am looking for constructive comments on getting it sold. My plan was to keep it but I bought a 73 Porsche 914 in need of restoration. Need money for the project.

I will take a bunch of pictures and post this weekend and make note of any other mods.

Thanks for your help.
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