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Looking to trade or sell my 2007 Agusta F4 312R project for a 96-2000 916 or 996.

Bike has a salvage Michigan title in my name

Bike has a ton of after market upgrades, Mircotec ECU, Bondis full exhaust. Carbon fiber tail fairings.

Bike had a #3 rod failure that wiped out the top end and case. I have a low
Miles 312R top end and and a replacement case that goes with it.

I have about 98% or the part to rebuild it.

looking for a 916 or 996 project in similar condition. I have a ton of 996 parts so if it’s missing parts that no big deal.

I would rather trade it then sell it. But if I do sell it. I’m looking for $4500

will send pics on request. Willing to travel part way for a trade as well.
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