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2008 848 Track/Race Bike Part Out

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Hey Guys,

I am parting out my 848 Track/Race Bike. I originally was trying to sell it as a whole bike but didn't receive much interest. The bike has a clean title and is in running condition as I type this. I am going to be disassembling the bike next week to ship out parts. Prices are flexible but by no means am I trying to "fire-sale" the parts. Shipping is included to the continental 48 unless otherwise specified. If you have any questions about any specific parts please DO NOT hesitate to get in touch with me.


Contact Methods:

Private Message
Cell: (954) 547-812eight
Email: [email protected]

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Front forks with Ohlins 20mm Kit - $650 shipped
Arata Titanium Exhaust with flashed Ducati Racing ECU - $1400 ($1000 shipped with NO ECU)

image post

upload an image

Swing Arm Assembly (with eccentric hub/axle) - $350
Front Wheel - $500 shipped
Rear Wheel - $400 shipped
Seat - $50 shipped
On/off switch - $20 shipped
Fuel pump - $100 shipped
Airbox - $100 shipped
Oil cooler - $110 shipped

screen capture software

pic hosting

Oil cooler lines - $20 shipped

- Zane
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Prices are OBO guys, don't be afraid to make an offer!
what kind of clip ons and height adjuster?
I believe they are woodcraft clip ons. I am not sure of the brand on the height adjuster. It was on the bike when I purchased it. I can take pictures of it for you, just shoot me a text or email.
Bump, parts off the bike and ready to ship. Every part down to the frame for sale.
Pics of the clip ons please if they are still available.
Pics of the clip ons please if they are still available.
do you have a quickshifter for sale?
No sir, sorry.
Damn, I need those fairings. I'm from Canada, shipping might (Will) be outrageous. FACK!
Tank ? Still have it

Still have the tank!

Radiator sold!
bump for a good seller! saw these parts in person they are a great buy!
1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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