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Having issue with getting the TPS sensor reset. I purchased a software that I thought would help reset it. After installing it and hooking up my Ducati it would not work or connect to the program. not sure if it was the correct one. I have sat on this issue for some time now and though I'm not urging to get it fixed id like to know the steps in doing so. I have a buddy who know a lot about Ducatis but this one, well got tricky I guess. He'd never had to reset a 1098 he has a couple of the 848's I believe. Anyways Im hoping to reset the sensor after having looked up the codes that the screen gave me and well replaced it but not have to fully reset it.
after getting it reset im hiopion this fixes an issue I had with the throttle. Unless any of yall know what this might be.. I pull the throttle back to accelerate but its delayed by a matter of like a split second then it suddenly kicks in. VS gradually accelerating and decelerating smoothly. its sorta jumps because the acceleration kicks in.
anyways these are some of the issues im currently trying to begin to address I haver several thread ill work on or continue the progress with this one. if anyone is open to help let me know its very much appreciated 馃馃徑
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