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Goldmember, my track only 2008 Ducati 1098s, is looking for a new home. The bike was built with reliability, laptimes and bling in mind and cost a distant consideration. It allowed a hack like me to ride in the fast group at trackdays and a friend with talent to win several local and regional championships.

2848 miles
multiple CCS championship winner
165 hp on the ECS dyno. A stock 1098 is in the 140's.
Received full service at ECS last year, has not been back on track since
Looking to get $12k for the bike with extras such as stands, stock tank, second set of wheels and rotors and more
email me at roger749 (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions

blueprinted motor at 957 miles for greater reliability and lighter rotating mass
supercrank (lightened, knife edged, balanced and polished crank)
lightweight flywheel
Carrillo rods
machined valves and seats
Akrapovic ti full system
Nemesis ecu with custom tune

Armour Bodies fiberglass bodywork with oversized intake runners
oversized ETI Fuelcel tank (half the weight of stock) with quick release gas cap
stock tank with quick release gas cap
anti-slosh foam
Yoyodyne aluminum fairing stay
Yoyodyne rear sets
aluminum rear subframe
Axljak water pump cover
Axljak clutch cover
carbon fiber sprocket cover, fender and hugger
Ram mount for go pro

Ducshop 30mm offset triples
Alth 320mm floating rotors with Yoyodyne ti bolts
Ohlins TTX rear shock
Ducshop rear link

Woodcraft 2-piece clip-ons
Yoyodyne quick turn throttle
toggle switch in place of ignition key (immobilizer disabled)
Brembo 19x18 forged radial brake master
HM quickshifter (not connected)
Yoyodyne 12T slipper clutch

Thanks for looking.


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le sigh...I can't even begin to tell you how much I want this for track days/
You can do it!! :dance:

Bike has been maintained by ECS in Middletown, NY and is ready to go minus the tires of your choice. Tuned to run on 93 octane pump gas. Stickers (which add 10 hp) are vinyl and removable. I'll do whatever I can to help with shipping or delivery to see that Goldmember goes to a good home.
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