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SOLD! - 2009 Ducati 1198s Superbike Red Sportbike Italian Ohlins Traction Control

SOLD, thanks!




Ducati 1198 "S-model" adds:

Ducati Traction Control (DTC)
lightweight forged aluminum Marchesini wheels
Ohlins forks
Ohlins shock
Ohlins steering damper
Carbon fender
magnesium fairing stay
magnesium valve covers
Ability use track data logger (Ducati Data Analyzer DDA [not included]

Clear title in hand. Registration paid until Jan 2019 (for California Buyers)

The bike is in excellent condition. There are a few chips, blemishes, etc. which I would be happy to detail for you.

New rear tire
new battery
new spark plugs
new air filter
new fuel filter
new grips
oil and filter just changed
new fork oil

Oil was changed every 3500 miles. Belts changed at 4k then again at 12k along with a valve check by Ducati Tech. Forks were rebuilt at 13k.

Belt replacement interval is 15k miles so it should not need belts again until 27k miles (in about 10k more miles). Valve clearance check interval is 7500 miles so by the book they should be checked again in about 3K more miles. As I understand these motors hold valve clearances very well.

Aftermarket parts:

EVR clutch slave
Smoke clear taillight,
Puig smoke windscreen

The 1198 has lots and lots of torque down low where you like it vs the newer engine design which does not have as much torque down low.

Buyer pays and arranges shipping.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. I will be happy to provide additional photos/video, information, etc.



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