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I’m new to the noodle gang. I have an 2011 1198 with 5k miles on it. Service log for it has been performed at 600miles

guy I picked it up from kept it indoors on a tender, he says the battery hasn’t been replaced in 2 years, however there is no battery sticker. Moving on.

I’ve have a little struggle with the initial start so I give it some gas and POP away it goes. No codes, however, it was reading 12.5v off tender every night and used to read 14.5v while running.

Now it starts up but struggles to get at a higher voltage past 12.9/13.1v while running now

I noticed that the battery would stay at 13.3 disconnected w/o a charge. I tested the stator with a volt meter and it read .3or .4 across the board. I don’t know if it’s a failing battery or rectifier because I heard those go bad on them

I checked the wires from the stator to the rectifier and it shows no sign of damage or melting but, I’m stumped 😭
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