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Tip:I purchased my first Ducati (and first bike in 30 years....) three years ago. Two things came as a shock. One, tech on bikes has come a LONG way in 30 years! grinning large.....Two: Ducati doesn't really like owners to work to much on their own bikes. (They have some pretty good reasons why, but won't get into that now..) So even when you acquire a shop manual , it is not entirely what you might expect as far as step by step "how to's". What your going to find is that the best way to get the required knowledge for a procedure is to find an upload on YouTube from a fellow Ducati enthusiast. It is a longer process than I would have liked to see , but as is often said , it is what it is. Of course there are these forums as well. They are often extremely helpful , but not a lot of good for "I'm stranded on the roadside" situations.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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