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2012 848 Evo 6800miles WARRANTY

You read that right, this bike has FACTORY WARRANTY until March 2015, you can check with your dealer or mine.

2012 848 Evo with 6800miles. Wanting to sell this bike for a few reasons; none of which are it's amazing performance, beauty, or power. I'm looking to do track days and I'd couldn't imagine dropping this thing!

I've added Rizma pegs, Ducati DP Superpole seat, CRG adjustable clutch lever, there are a few carbon accent pieces, 14t front sprocket, brand new front brake master cylinder, relocated the license plate and rear turn signals, and Fat Duc fuel mixture adjusters (can be removed).

This bike is in perfect running order. I've got a few blemishes in specific spots on the fairings. The nose on the underside is cracked a little (from loading in a trailer), the left side has a small crack but you can't even see it in the picture. And the left mirror has been broken off but reattached with a screw and glue. I've included photos of the imperfections. All of which do not impact the ride-ability of the bike nor the look. I've changed the oil regularly, I've done it twice since March. No issues running the bike.

Good front tire, pretty new rear, both Pirelli's.

I run the RPM limiter at 13.5k as to not kill the engine.

This bike is amazing... I'd love to keep it but I can't have too many bikes... don't have the storage.

Hit me up with questions. Thanks! Photos are of the actual bike.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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