2012 evo corse se Ducati quick shift, Traction control 8 setting, also DDA with obd connector. Bike has been completely gone through fresh oil, plugs, clutch/brake flush, new RK X-ring chain.. Every nut and bolt replaced with aluminum or titanium hardware.. Ducabike rear sets, Titanium Leo Vince Exhaust, SpeedMoto “hidden” Frame sliders, F/R wheel sliders & Crankcase cover. Carbon Fiber sprocket cover, exhaust shield, & F/R fenders. Ohlins rear suspension, Just installed hid Xenon ballast’s &bulbs Razor thin mirrors & tinted led brake light. GPS tracking device with service included..Bike starts, runs, rides like a Ducati should..Near Perfect..when bikes are maintained properly and have had all of the recommended services completed and are on top of the oil and fluid changes they will treat you like you treat them.. I purchased this bike with a California reconstruct title. I got it from the shipping company I was told it came directly from the original owner through the insurance company to them. Damage was left side mirror, and the mirror supports. The magnesium faring stair was cracked. I have the pictures and the two parts that were replaced. The bike literally was knocked over in his garage, you always hear those stories from guys and it turns out their bike was wrecked. This is not the case There’s not a scratch on this bike. It has not been fixed or repaired. Everything is original plastics and all. I have both keys with the Ducati key card as well I was told engine had a full rebuild at 47,300. Bike is now 51k I was told previous owner had a two hour commute and this was his daily hence the high miles..