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Hi all,

Just picked up an M796 with Termignoni exhausts (no baffles) and Power Commander V + O2 optimizer installed by a reputable dealer. I am coming from an ECU flashed XSR7OO with an Akrapovic, which has great response and torque at any rpm. It's the same engine as the FZ-07 and MT-07, FYI.

I found the highway ride back home to be almost unridable. I kept it in 4th so the rpm would be over 4 or 5k, however it cannot hold a steady throttle position without cutting out. If I wait with a steady 5% throttle, in about 1 second it starts to not fire and the bike starts slowing down rapidly. Then if I increase the throttle more it waits a bit and then lunges forwards again, then cuts out again if kept at the new throttle position. I had to keep blipping it to prevent a constant throttle position and not break the law.

I feel like it is running super rich and also think the plugs may be fouled. Low rpms it runs like complete crap, but apparently this is partially normal for Ducatis.... It also idles fine from a cold start then just shuts off after a few minutes. Then starts again with no issue and holds idle indefinitely.

I am going to get it dyno tuned but ideally would have liked the ECU flashed and O2s disabled.

Any diagnostic advice or similar experiences? I love everything else about the bike (minus the sudden testicle crunch on braking lol).

Thanks all!
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