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Hey all,

Just moved to LA from Salt lake and brought my (pretty much new) 2014 Monster 796 ABS that I picked up with 3200 miles. I have been enjoying the hell out of riding here so far and decided Id start doing some mods. I purchased a Dynojet Power Commander 5 as well as an auto tune kit and a Duc.EE exhuast valve eliminator kit. The bike currently has stock intake, stock pipes, and SC project slip ons. Since I am going with the dynojet I was thinking I might as well pump some more air in and do the MWR power up kit to open up the nostrils. Ill probably do some boom tubes at a later date. My question though is that I know the MWR system wont do much unless I flash my ECU to let more air in, is there anyone in the LA area (if not who is the best/most experienced) who does this? Also where can I go to have some dyno work done in LA to dial in the map?

Thanks and Happy New Year,

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