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2015 899 Value?

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WOW, Just got some info from a friend who just bought a 2015 899... Trade value 9200 from dealer, and 10400, from another. Bake has 300 miles, and owner was hoping to trade up to 1299...

Talk about Depreciation? Holy Crap - Damn!
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Trade in value is always way less than private sale. Check out kbb.com for values of both.
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Trading a bike in is a bad idea, unless you are in a hurry. He should post it on CL or Cycle Trader and get 14 to 15K for it.
How is this a surprise? this is not depreciation, this is standard in all new vehicle markets. Buy a new vehicle and the moment you drive it of the forecourt you have just lost 25-30% of your money. Always been the same.

Trade in value? that's as little as a dealer wants to offer you to increase the profit he can make on the thing he wants to sell you. The more you haggle the more he will come up on the trade in and lower the sticker price. But it's standard procedure since forever.

If anyone bought a 2015 Ducati and here in April is looking to trade it in against anything then they want their head examined. Or need a stern lesson on the vehicle trade.

Book value of anything used is a minimum of 25% less even at a week old. That has nothing to do with depreciation, that's just because dealers have you over a barrel. Nothing to do with Ducati either as they don't sell anything to the public. ( well, maybe some clothes in the last year with new 'ducati stores' opening in a few countries)
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The sale of a motorcycle is typically maximized through private vending..
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