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I have a 2015 Diavel that was bought in late 2015. After the first service around 500 miles, the bike sat for 2 years. Battery was pulled. Everything was fine when it was stored.

I got a new battery but once I started it up I got the x-mas tree lights with the Err NAS error code. The bike starts up and runs fine, but I can’t see the upper display due to the error code and none of the lights work. The signals, brake light, headlight seem to all be tied to the lower display panel. The lower panel just keeps flashing white regardless of whether the bike is on or not.

So far I’ve tried pulling the battery, changing the positive cable connectors orientation, charging the battery more, ran repair mode on the battery using my Noco charger, pulling the fuses, replacing all of the fuses, and praying. There’s no sign of or reason for me to believe that there’s any issues with the wires. Bike is 100% stock.

Any ideas of what this could be? That lower display panel is expensive so I’m trying to run through all possibilities before replacing it.
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