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Yes I've had the same issue... here's my post from a different ducati site (from yesterday):

New twist on the hard start problem my 15 has had occasionally since new. Normally starting follows a predictable formula. Turn the bike over and usually it catches on the second or third crank... all is good. About 5 times (in 9000 miles) it has coughed and quit, or not fired at all. I've learned that in these instances, turning it over and giving it just a little throttle will get it started (also have to be careful because it won't want to idle for a while) - annoying but I can live with that.

Today was a bit different because I'd not started the bike in over a week (crappy weather and was working on the Tiger so riding that). It turned over and gave a short cough but didn't start and continued turning over... but after that there was ZERO fire, no huffs, no deepening of the exhaust note that tells me that it's trying. AND... I smelled gas.

I didn't think FI's could flood... so I continued with my usual routine. Stopped turning it over, gave it a few seconds then tried my usual "tiny bit of throttle"... nothing... and still with the gas smell.

Moved on to my 'bike is $#[email protected] flooded' protocol... which I've NEVER had to use on a FI bike:

Step one: Go get a coffee and give the bike 15 minutes to get over its snit... often does the trick with carbureted bikes - didn't help.

Step two: Pull a plug and the bike was indeed flooded, heated the plug with a torch to clean off fuel residue and reinstall: bike huffs a few times but doesn't catch (clearly only the cylinder with the clean plug is even trying) - but that's progress. Repeat two more times and get it started.

I don't understand why a FI bike has these starting issues... makes me wonder if their cold start program is just garbage.

I talked to the Ducati tech at the dealer yesterday and he reset the computer. He said that the ECU 'learns' things about the bike and your riding habits and it alters the engine performance, and that if it didn't learn the idle correctly then that might explain the issue... though he too was scratching his head so this sounds like a long shot. Basically, after the reset I started the bike and let it idle for 5 minutes to learn the idle settings... we'll see if that makes any difference.
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