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2018 Monster 821 - low speed/throttle twitchiness and ideas to fix

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The order of bikes I've had are R6 > S1000RR > 2017 Tuono Factory (with full system +race ECU). I've dragged knee in the canyons at over 100mph. I've smoked "track guys" at the canyons. Why do I mention this? Because I want to dispel right off the bat that I might be a beginner rider, because I recognize this sounds like a beginner rider's issue. Anyway, on to the issue.

I find the 2018 monster 821 absolutely unrideable at low speeds while in touring or sport mode. It is SO JERKY in 1st gear. I've never experienced jerkiness like this. It's like the throttle only knows how to do 1%, 75%, or 100%. There are no in betweens. And its a nightmare for low speed city riding. I've found urban mode to be the only acceptably smooth riding mode. And of course, she's gutless. No power. But its the only way I find comfortable for the constant start and stop of city riding.

The Tuono, which is an absolute DOG in low rpms, was a dream to ride at low speeds compared to this.

So my question is, how can I throw money at this specific issue? Will a termi+race map smooth it out? (since race exhaust+ECU typically affect power curves) What about a smaller front sprocket? Or a combination of both? Can the throttle be remapped?

I'm willing to throw whatever money at the issue but I just want to be able to ride this bike in sport mode without feeling like I'm riding a bucking bronco.

Sorry... and thanks!!!
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