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And if you would like an invite to a private torrent tracker then you can do away with everything but the internet cost.
I do have cable ( UK is not like US in that respect ) but I download 95% of my viewing content. I do pay for netflix but only because my mom can have use of my account at her home without paying ( as it's 3 devices per account ). Personally I'd have stopped it long ago. Very little of interest on there and what little there is that is decent, the netflix originals, are on the torrent tracker within 20 minutes of release.

I have some history with Direct TV, pirating days are over..... :(

But much like the Netflix for you mom, for the wife and kits torrent is too much work.

I'm just happy that I cut the annual cost by more than a grand and I think we get more content. I only wish HBO would let me purchase without a cable or dish sub.

In truth I do not mind paying as long as there is choice there is no alternative to Comcast....
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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