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41t. Any software update required?

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Just took delivery of a 2014, 1199s. The bike comes retrofitted with the 41t sprocket upgrade + 525 chain, as per what I have requested when I made the purchase.

I was told by my dealer and their mech that there is NO upmap or any software upgrade needed for this modification. Ok obviously, I am skeptical about that, so would anyone please be kind to clarify this for me?

Perhaps the 2014 models do not require the software update?

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Changing gearing doesn't require any upmap or upgrade or such. Speed is taken from the rear rotor so nothing to do with sprockets.
I concur.. up-maps or software is common with performance exhaust
Did you not like the answers on the other site?

As many have said now, there is no need for a software update.
When Ducati initially offered the 41t swap (in 2012?), a software update had to be done to make the DTC etc work properly with the new size.
Ever since then as long as you have the current software update you are fine with either the 39 or 41.
That's how I understand it, anyway.
I did mine in 2013 and needed a software update. Im sure thats update is in place with the newer models.
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