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I do see where you coming from Wilks but to be fair to the OP, I don't think that he set out to flame the discounted price or the merits of buying a repaired bike, but rather that if you are a buyer, be aware that's it's had a repair of sorts. But I get he could of used better words to make this clear.

Your point is interesting though, if a green frame came up at a discount following a repair job but the bike looked and performed like comparables, would you buy? I would. I think the issue is where it's a newer bike people are concerned, but say an older bike not so much. I'd buy a repaired 888SP4 in top nick at 25% off even if it had been crashed. As long as the repair is good.

Wouldn't others do the same?

Bit like my grandpas old axe with the new handle.....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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