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No use for these any longer as I've returned my bike (998 Mono)to stock. This set is one of the Ebay kits from China. Clean and shiny but also some blemishes and scratches. Right side has hole cut out for where the 998 coil is positioned, left side is perfect.I dont have the front fender but I do have the triangle chin piece.That seat is from a BiPosto but a Monoposto will also fit. Anyone familiar with these will know how much assembly is required to get these on the bike. The well nuts the seat attachments,screen etc. This set will go on in less than 20 minutes with practice. Tail piece has the hinge,latch and lights on it all ready to go. Will not separate parts or pieces.
$300 (pick up only) NYC

Before take off

OEM Seat 998
Great condition Small tear hardly noticeable but its there (Last pic) No hardware $85 Shipped

OEM Monoposto Tail
Nice but not perfect look at the pictures. Structurally 100%. No hardware
$300 + Shipping

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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