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Hi all,

Had a few issues with my 748.

some were clutch related, but have installed a new clutch last night.

2nd issue. it feels like the bike looses slight power on smooth roll on from the throttle,

another symptom, bike will die completely, then come back on, if your lucky, (clocks will stay on)

some times, you hear the pump priming just before start,
but sometimes it will sound sporadic, and if you watch the speedo, it moves a little during this.

sometimes, no prime at all. So i lift the seat, and tap on the relays, yet, i dont think this actually helps. because it works some times, and sometimes not. but never the less, i close the seat cover, switch on the key. do a dry start. switch off, and then when i switch on again, it primes and starts.

my initial thoughts were side stand switch, but no. my bike is a 99. and cannot find one.

then relay under seat. but not sure about this. possibly power to the relay. but is so intermittent, that i can not place it as a loose connection. because after 5 min after starting up, (might die in between) it will run like a bullet proof train. that makes you fall in love with every corner.

i know 70 percent of the time, i have to stick my hand into airduct on the side of the bike, and tap the starter coil. with massive fuse. it kick over the motor. I still dont under stand that issue

other symptoms, that are recent, but have slowly come on to the page is, neutral light,sometimes doesnt come on during nuetral, and fuel reserve light seems to be on most of the time. even when tank is full.

So i dunno what to do on this one?
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