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848/1098/1198 Hot Bodies Bodywork

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Never mounted, drilled, or painted. Thought I'd use this stuff but I got a pretty sweet deal on a painted set of bodywork.

This stuff is surprisingly more pliable than I thought it would be, so that's good. The bodywork has been knocking around in my basement and a garage or two so there are little surface marks on it, but those will go away when you sand it for paint anyway. No cracks or holes anywhere.

$400 delivered to your door if you're in the Atlanta area. I can also bring it to Barber this weekend (8/23-24) if you happen to be going or live in/around Birmingham/Trussville. I have the original box and can ship if need be, but I'll need to charge a little more for that.

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Alright folks, track weekend is over. Who's ready for some new bodywork?
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