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848 1x98 CDT Carbon Headlight fairing & Dry clutch conversion

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First up is the CDT CF headlight fairing.. Looks amazing, super light,
only one scratch in the clear but is should be able to be fixed easily
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Second up is the DP 848 dry clutch conversion kit
This has been sitting in my garage for a while, I decided on a nice and quiet wet slipper so I don't need this anymore
A couple small parts need to be replaced and I'm not sure if everything is there.. I'll start doing some research but I'm sure it won't cost more than $40 for replacements
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To complement Tadashi's dry clutch conversion, I have the stock clutch from an 1198. Does not come with plates or pressure plates but it's complete with basket & drum. The bike it's from had 5K miles on the clock and both basket and drum have no significant markings.

I'm asking $50
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FYI. From what I see missing from Dry clutch conversion photographs, You'll need hundreds of $ to make it work. I did the research recently. Just friendly warning from experience. Parts for conversion are a bitch to find/replace and people who say they aren't, haven't done it. The measurements of conversion kit are different and take specific, unique parts. Do your homework people, including OP.
What parts to be more specific I believe all im missing is the dry clutch I have a full parts list and everything seems to be checking out
Just for starters the rod is missing and that only comes with kit and is unique to dry clutch conversion kit. It's a specific length, just for kit and can't buy separately (DNA confirmed and talked about at length since they started selling). Pressure plate: $245 and is backordered till April 30. Talked to DNA and they are in process of making more. The basket is unique (again, confirmed by DNA themselves and several other sources- I know cause I need one). Clutch pack is from Duc Performance 1098R (high $200's). Maybe more missing, but pointing out the obvious pieces missing. Not to be a dick, but just want to warn those who didn't put in hours of research into this (a few weeks ago like I did). Again, this info is from DNA (as well as Several large reputable Duc dealers/OEM suppliers). I'm waiting and hoping I get my pressure plate by early May. Asked about a new rod (just in case) and they just said NO. Just saying
Just spoke to someone who has modified a basket to work..
Pushrod as well

Nothing was said about the clutch pack or the pressure plate. Curious what is different about the plate or why a 1098r pack is necessary
CDT nose sold

Still available:
Dry clutch conversion -need gone send offers

1198 Ducati DTC traction control kit

Fat duc o2 manipulator
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