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I finally went to look at a 848 in person yesturday and wow, I already was pretty shure that I wanted to buy the Duc but after seeing her in all her glory and decision was chissled into my brain, its a must have. So you guys try to help out this beginner in my first purchase so I dont leave with a boot in the ass and no money.

My question to you guys is that I live in Northwest FL, and these not really anywere close that sells ducs. Closest is about a hour and a half away its called D&D cycles in Pensacola its a small shop that only got 2 848's and had one white left after selling the red, also had 1 1098. Since im shure they sell very few ducati sportbikes there I doubt they would come off of anything since there trying to get every dollar they can(talked me into buying a ducati t-shirt before i could leave, lol) Besides that these are the dealers that are in traveling distance,
Florida Motorsports in Tallahassee,
Bogart's Motorsports in Birmingham AL,
and then these three all in the Atlanta area,
Atlanta Motor World in Roswell GA,
Atlanta Triumph Ducati in Atlanta GA,
NPR Ducati in Watkinsville GA

I think the Atlanta Triumph Ducati would sell the most bikes, have the most available and have more room to negotiate because im guessing its a huge dealer that does alot of volume but I havnt been there...
I just want to know in anyone here has any experience with these dealers because I am trying to find out where I can get the best deal with the best selection of gear next month when I buy. It seems like FL sucks and everyone seems to go out of state for a better deal which is why I am asking.
Thanks for the help!
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