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2008 Ducati 848
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Hi Ducati fanatics! I have a problem on my 08 848 track bike that I would like to get some technical advice from a pro. I am mechanically inclined but I have never tore in to the clutch/case and I would like pointers before I get rowdy with the tools.
Problem is the clutch pack seems to be stuck and it will not engage and move the bike. The first I pulled the clutch handle it had full travel then the second time I pulled the handle that's when it got hard and the clutch wouldn't engage moving the bike forward. I can put in any gear but there is very little travel of the clutch handle and it will make a slight grind sound like drive gears trying to mesh when you release the 1/4 in of travel in the handle. Last night I measure the stick out of the clutch push rod from block (w/slave cyl removed) on the track bike @30.92mm. Then I measured my working street bike (same model/year) clutch push rod from case @35.72mm. Obviously the pressure plate is stuck but I need a little insight as to the possibilities.

Background info: The motor is all stock and has 4800 mi. The weekend before track day I installed an auto bliper and tested it out on the stand in the garage shift through the gears and clutch worked as it should. Rolled it on the trailer drove to track installed new tires and first start to go to tech inspection and that is when the clutch would not release.

Thank you!
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