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Hi all,
Does anyone know a bit about the 848 Dark that was released in 2010? This is not the Evo Dark…
I read in one article that the 848 Dark was £700 cheaper than the stock when first released.
Can’t find much more information on it though.
Reason I’m asking is I found an 848 with a black frame like the Evo Dark but it’s definitely not an Evo. The bike has been resprayed, owner said he bought it like that.
I don’t think the bike has been stripped and frame resprayed though.
The only other color than the red frames was the dark grey on some white 848’s I’ve seen, could be wrong….
I started thinking the frame was sprayed because the only black framed 848 I know of was the Evo Dark but after closer inspection it looks original.
Then I saw as said above a site mentioning the cheaper 848 Dark.
This site below the second image it’s mentioned.
I’m keen on the bike but a little concerned if it’s been stripped and sprayed.

Does anyone know if there’s a specific reason why this bike was cheaper when released, like if there’s anything on it more stock than the stock 848?:cool:


848 Evo Dark

Wheel Tire Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire

848 Dark

Wheel Tire Vehicle Fuel tank Automotive lighting

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Thanks for the replies.
I've opted for the EVO, although not this one, found another that looks in pretty good condition, going to look at it, will keep you posted.
I'm mostly looking for one to do some track days so then the EVO would make more sense. I was also looking at the EVO Corse but then for that price an 899 could also be an option...
but rather spare the wallet and have a buffer for extras, like new kit and maybe tire warmers.
Thanks again for the info and advice.
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