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my 2012 848 has been sitting around for a while while I have been stationed at Fort Sill for my career course. Went to go for a ride the other day and the clutch has so much play that I cant get it into gear. I have adjustable levers so when I push them all the way out I can get it into first while holding it all the way down but it still rolls.

Any suggestions on how to fix the issue

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Welcome to the forum!

It's most likely one of two things; bad fluid (it does go bad over time) or simply air trapped in the system.

My suggestion is to pump new fluid into the system and re-bleed.

- Evacuate the fluid out of the reservoir
- Put new fluid in it (from a brand new sealed container)
- Use a mighty vac or suction tool to pull fluid out the bleed port on the slave cylinder until you see nice clear fluid coming out.
- Pull the slave cylinder away from the motorcycle, but not so it falls off.
- Pump the clutch lever a few times and then push the slave cylinder very slowly back into place, thus pushing fluid back up into the master.
- Do that process a few times, be careful to do it ultra slowly as to not build bubbles.
- Finally, if that hasn't brought the lever back to health, simply use the old trick of pumping the lever three times, holding it and opening up the bleed port and re closing quickly, then doing it all over again. You can do that trick to BOTH bleed ports, the master and the salve.

Hope that helps!
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