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hi guys! i'm writing this post because i managed to remap my 848 evo ecu with guzzidiag . i' used the free map file shared by the creator of ducatidiag (downloaded in his forum two years ago) and then a friend converted it into .bin (from .ddg). Now i can use this extension in tunerpro and in other completely free programs..

however i have some problems with the 70mm full system map that i found ...: it seems that the lambda are disabled correctly as the dp 70mm original file provide but the exaust valve is still working !!(in the 848 evo full system line ther's no exaust valve but my servo still run!!) does anyone tell me why?

i don't know the bit location/address to exclude the exaust valve (using tunerpro i want to create a xdf flag). could you help me? have you a xdf for 848 evo?

are jp250rs free maps affidable in your opinion?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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