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848 evo race ecu 96523210a for sale

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Never installed pm me with offer
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Is this different than the Ducati performance ecu?
It is a 96523210a came with termignoni slip ons
Gotta check tomorrow to see if this model will work for my 12 848 evo corse se. If so, how much are u selling for??
I'm looking for best offer and that stands at 265 plus shipping
I believe this is for the EVO non CORSE model. I just sold one of these not too long ago. Its DP branding.
Just spoke to my dealer. Previous comment is correct. I need the part # 96523212B
ECU's are all the same as far as hardware. The different parts numbers simply represent a different map. This is also true for the DP ECU.
It is a 96523210a came with termignoni slip ons

So it's probably not the "race" ecu which requires a full system.
When you look it up online with part number it comes up race ecu they sell on eBay for 599 I went with the full akra so I don't need it never installed
Ducati performance open race ECu
Still available? Would this work on 2013 EVO with Akra slip-on?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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