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Thanks for the info and thankyou all for your reply's
Trying to understand whats going on with the bike and understanding what word to use to describe what Im feeling when riding is my mistake if its wrong.
When cornering say going left leaning over the front left handgrip feels as if it wants to come in towards me as if the front wants to push away from under me.Thou this does not happen all the time and remembering what Im doing at the time while riding is something I will have to spend time to find out and adjust to suit.
Im just trying to get my head around the different factors of suspension tuning to match the environment I ride without spending lots of money on a bike that already cost me alot.
Thanks for the advice I appreciate every bit.
At 80kgs, the stock 848 springs are pretty close to what you need, so don't worry about buying anything at this time. A basic set up is key here.

Listening(ha) to what you said in your thread, you mentioned push, however described it completely different. That's OK as I always take the description into account. For example:

"When cornering say going left leaning over the front left handgrip feels as if it wants to come in towards me"

Perfect! Typically when the bar(clip on) closest to your position and turning direction wants to come at you, it's telling you the size of the front tire's contact patch is too large, creating too much deviation between both edges of the tire. This deviation increases slip angle on the side receiving the higher amount of force form the ground.

Think of it like a wing(slip stream). Slow air rises over the wing, while faster air slips under the flatter part of the wing, creating lift, making the wing rise in the air. The same theory with the tire to the ground. The slower part of the tire's travel(due to the extra force) makes the tire go in that direction. Since we know we counter steer to turn in a given direction that side of the tire is the side of the direction you are travelling.

So I digress. You are turning left, your clip on wants to come back towards you, it is saying your tire may be too low of air, creating the extra large contact patch. This is also associated with the bike being very difficult to turn in to a corner under braking, but feeling very stable when going in a straight line(forward).

I hope this helps for this portion of your question.
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