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Got a few items here for the 848 xx98 models

OEM side fairings - they have a few marks and rock chips at the front. Part of it on the back has had repairs however, you cannot tell at all in the front. Half of it is wrapped in gloss black. Its best for me to send more pictures of these than what I can post. Does not come with the foam pads on the back
$280 for the set

OEM footrests complete with shift rod, brake lever, spare foot peg (right side) and shift lever - Brake lever has rash on it, and the left footrest plate has a small crack on it.
$60 for all of it

Brand new Frame sliders - I believe they are shogun sliders but that is just from looking at some pictures.

OEM front sprocket cover - $25

7 Strada Racing Folding Clutch lever - Rashed on the end but fully functional

Everything is including shipping and I could not upload all the pictures so send me an email for more

[email protected]


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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