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916 burps and farts...any ideas

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Hi everyone, not a super technical guy when it comes to working on my own ride... i was having a fuel issue with my 1995 Ducati 916 at the track, it felt a bit sluggish for a couple laps and then backfired a couple times...the guy behind me said I shot a nice fireball out my exhaust at him, the throttle felt like it was also surging forward (at the worst tInes :) ... I was coming out of a turn and got on the throttle, it shut down and died. I could not get it to refire, I noticed the gages were not spinning up like normal and i could not hear the fuel primer cycle through. I later checked the 15 amp fuses on the relays under the seat and noticed one had charred in the middle, I changed the fuse and it fired up, I have not taken it for a good ride yet, but have had it idle for a bit, am I naive to think I got lucky and this fuse was my only problem or are there other likely issues I should check for... again not super handy with the wrenches but have a few good folks that are, what should I be expecting and how do I check for issues?
Thanks in advance for your advice and for not heckling if it's a blatantly obvious problem... Cheers
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Regulator or burnt out stator would be my guess.
stop giving it beer and black beans. sure its the bike burping and farting!!!:smoking:
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Thanks Black_Arts. Now the tricky question, how do you test those things. I believe the local Ducati dealer put a new stator at the beginning of the year? I'm hoping to avoid giving it back to them as we have a short summer out here :)
Mmmm. Black beans and beer
fisrt take a multimeter and put it on your battery see what you have, should be 12.2- 12.8v. 12v is dead and 12.2-12.5v needs charging. next start it and see what you are getting, should be 13.5-14.5v. 15v or higher or under 13.5v and its over charging or under charging and regulator is most likely bad. you can check the stator by unplugging the stator and checking the 2 of the 3 leads and see what volts you get. i think you should be getting about 55 volts off any set of the 2 leads you try, but i am not sure. google stator troubleshooting.
Thanks Gary, that sounds simple and what I will try :) greatly appreciate the advice.
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