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After a 10 year absence, I am looking at acquiring another Duke to add to the stable. It is a 1995 750 SS with low k's and a well-documented owner and service history. Can anyone shed any light on the pros and cons of this model. Previous Duke were singles (wish I had never sold them) so any information would be appreciated.

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These are quite a tough little bike. The engine is detuned compared to a 900, and has only 5 gears rather than 6. But these factors mean they are a long-lived model.
I bought a crashed one, almost new back in '95, with a plan to fix it up and sell it. I was still riding an old '78 900SS at that time.
But I ended up doing 96,000 kms on it, with no problems.
But it was very modest in the performance. I knew from a lifetime of Ducati work that a Ducati 750 (like the '86 F1) should go better than that.
It was also very heavy in the front wheel, with two steel-centred (Asian-sourced) discs.
So I spent a lot of time and work to improve it. Stronger coils and Keihin FCR carbs were the start, with a lot of lightening. But it still didn't go well enough.
So the heads came off for some porting, new exhaust valve seats (sitting further into the chamber to increase compression) and a pair of 900SS camshafts.
It turns out the 750 cams have a full 2mm less lift on both intake and exhaust. This brought it to life.
Some front end work, including going back to one (full-floating, lightweight Brembo) disc, and a bit more lightening, and it was a sweet little thing.
Of course I am not advocating that you do all this - no doubt you contemplate riding it as it is - but that is the story of my long and happy association with a similar model.
They are great, and respond well to enhancement.
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