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bike been grounded for quite a while.
its 18yrs&its hard to start for quite some time.
normally I manage to get out,say once every 3 weeks!
because of the hard starting&its 60,000km,decided to do the shimming&replace belts.
there's where the headache started.
not technically incline but do 've a top ducati mechanic locally.
brought the bike home,thru the highway on 5th struggle to ascend on the slope!
force to shift down to 4th.
even on normal straight road ,sometimes it struggle to maintain 4th.
mechanic lean it out a bit.
now I got another problem!
once I stop say @ the kiosk,starts the bike up,fine,no issue,it can't even go well in 2nd&[email protected] rev.
need to rev quite high to clear the throat
think it only happens when its hot
all dis while starting ,no problem.
after shimming&belt change,with the problem,i changed a used throttle body,injector,a new TPS.wanted a pick up coil(2) but came wrongly!
fuel pump area well sorted including change all te hoses.
mechanic says my tank got some water&slight rust.
he recommend to try the fim chip or swop the p8 computer board around.
what u guys reckon?
any information is much appreciated
and thanks.

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Get another mechanic

Hard to tell exactly where your at with diagnoses.

Fuel filter been replaced? Air cleaners OK, have cams been timed correctly? Spark plugs, leads, coils, could be more than one problem?

Where are you located?


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thanks for the response craig
Fuel filter , Air cleaners , cams been timed correctly ,Spark plugs, leads, coils,all been sorted or replaced ,including battery.
i'm from Singapore,sun,all year round but its raining,as we speak!
mechanic?i've been with him for ages,the best in old school ducati,locally.
I might bring it to somewhere,soon.
any more suggestion,guys.
anything 'll b much appreciated.
thank you in advance.
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